7 Ways Football Can Improve Kids Development

October 5, 2023
7 Ways Football Can Improve Kids Development

Football is the world’s most popular sport, played by 250 million players in over 200 countries. People of all ages and nationalities play football for fun or as a career, and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of that sport. 

There are many advantages to playing football from a young age. It’s a great sport for maintaining good health, strength and endurance - especially nowadays, when children need more physical activities. In fact, many parents admit that they turn to sports in their efforts to reduce screen time and improve their child’s immune system.

The good thing about football is that it is a very inclusive sport. People and children of all ages and skill levels can participate in the game and enjoy the benefits that come from training this sport. Football is also suitable for children who don’t have high levels of athletic ability but who would like to participate in the game. It provides many development opportunities and opens the doors to a whole new world of emotions and experiences.

In today’s blog post we will focus on some of the main benefits that football has for children and on the ways in which this sport can significantly improve their development and overall health. 

1. Health benefits

How can football improve kids’ health?

Football is the perfect sport for improving cardiovascular health, as well as muscle and bone strength. The constant shifts between running and walking are good for boosting overall health and increasing kids’ stamina. 

Football is aslo a great way to develop fine and gross motor skills, as well as to enhance balance, agility, coordination and speed – important for the development of a child’s central nervous system. Regular football training helps the body build strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s the perfect exercise!

2. Team spirit and cooperation

How does football promote team spirit?

Football is a team sport and relies on the strong cooperation between the different players – both verbally and non-verbally. It’s a great way to teach children how to work together towards a shared goal. Players spend a lot of time interacting together before, during and after a game, which helps them to develop a strong bond between each other. That bond often grows into friendships, and friendships are the best way to boost kids’ happiness levels and willingness to cooperate on the team.

3. Discipline 

Does football teach discipline?

Discipline and good behaviour are the foundations of a good football game. The ability to listen and follow instructions is key for becoming a better player and teammate. Discipline is a skill that is learned early on in the training process. It is the foundation required for obtaining all the other knowledge and skills that will follow with each training. Discipline helps children to advance quickly in the training process, gaining satisfaction and confidence in return. That’s why it is a skill that is very quickly acquired through sports, and highly valued everywhere else as well.

4. Mental Resilience

How does football help kids become more resilient?

Mental resilience is another valuable quality that football players master early on. Whether it is a small mistake on the field or a major upset, mishaps are part of the training, and the only way to continue is by learning to move forward despite the circumstances. After each training children learn how to analyze mistakes and negative outcomes in the game.

Football is a sport that provides countless opportunities to improve mental resilience and the ability to remain calm under pressure. After all, the only way to win the game is to stand up after a fall. And that applies fully for life outside of the field as well.

5. Social Skills

Can football help a child to become more social?

Sports are a great way to improve a child’s social skills. The football field is a place where communication and teamwork thrive! Children can freely express their emotions and let their energy out. Surrounded by like-minded teammates, feeling their support and sharing common reactions is a valuable experience that helps improve a child’s confidence and good spirit. 

By joining a football club, camp or training school, kids have the opportunity to make friends and meet many new people while playing together on the field. At BFS we also tone up these opportunities by providing native English speaking environment where kids can practice and improve their English while having fun on the pitch.

6. Sportsmanship

Does football training increase sportsmanship?

Learning how to handle victory and defeat is an important quality not only in sports, but in everyday life as well. During their football training children learn how to become real sportsmen who treat everyone with respect and humility. 

7. Fun

Football is a game. And games are fun! This is probably the most important benefit for children in sports! Spending great time with friends, sharing experiences on the field, cheering together and working towards the same goal is what quality sports time is all about. 

How can you get started with football training? 

Joining a football school or holiday camp is a great way for children to dive into the essence of the game. Regular training with professional coaches and a stable team are the best way to achieve quick results and mainly – to help children develop the necessary discipline and perseverance in order to quickly reap the fruits of their work.

At British Football School we provide regular training and holiday training camps in different countries for children of various ages. Our coaches are English Football Association & UEFA qualified and have the experience that is required to guide the kids in a proactive way of learning in a safe and fun environment. We partner with international schools and sport centres to provide training for school aged kids on a regular and holiday basis. 

We focus on training the body and the mind. While having fun on the field, we work to develop children’s discipline and perseverance – precious qualities for anyone striving to achieve their dreams. 

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